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Local business. Often it’s the beating heart of a thriving prosperous community.

The local entrepreneurs who drive it not only provide jobs for the community but provide support for the infrastructure of a local community. One where there is pride, good housing, quality schools, low crime, good public services, and a place that people genuinely feel safe and want to live.

Without our local businesses and local business community many places would be a grey and desolate shell of what they once were. Places where the only choice of shopping is out of town retail sites with the same collection of multiple retailers and fast food chains that appear everywhere.

Gone would be the local pubs, the local high street shops, restaurants, bars, cafes, stylists and the range of specialist services and businesses that we come to expect in a thriving community.

Business and wealth is always attracted to communities where the services and infrastructure are vibrant, and the people are skilled, resourceful and positive.

Our local business community (Your Local Business Community) needs all the support it can get in the face of huge retailers, restaurant chains, online shopping, and the damage caused by the Covid lockdown. The list could go on, but the drive behind Local Trade Link is to offer friendly support services and advice to local businesses, trades people and community groups in areas they may be struggling with.

And that is how a business community and local community thrives, by supporting each other and sharing the knowledge.

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As a Business Owner Your Time Is Precious

As the owner and driving force behind a small business or community project, your time is precious and should be focused on what you do best ~ Converting your ideas and expertise into sales and services.

When starting out you simply can’t know or do everything and shouldn’t be diverting your time and energy into areas that are unfamiliar or require learning completely different skill sets.

Unfortunately though, a lot of new business owners quickly get knocked off course by trying to master all the requirements and knowledge to run and maintain a fledgling organisation. In fact, it’s one of the main stumbling blocks that prevents businesses from moving forward as quickly as they should, and possibly the number #1 reason why many new start businesses never get off the ground.

To an extent it’s understandable that a business owner feels precious money can be saved by trying to keep all skills in-house.

However, if it stops you focusing on the reason why you set up the business in the first place and detracts you from making money, then it’s dangerous territory.

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Affordable Web Design

Local Trade Link offer information and services for areas that are the most confusing and time consuming to business owners.

Affordable Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Health & Safety Compliance, and general support and advice.

So whether you’re looking to have your first website created, or you’re looking to change what you currently have, we will work with you to create a high quality site that reflects your brand.

Websites are fluid and can be changed or upscaled at any time, but initially it’s all about getting started.

Workplace Compliance

If your concern is workplace Safety and Health, then let us help you understand your obligations towards running your business and those it might affect.

Our ever expanding library of blog posts and downloadable pdf’s will keep you well informed and educated, and if there is an area of concern you simply don’t understand then please feel free to ask.

Local Trade Link is here to assist local small business, new start business and community organisations to get over some of the hurdles faced when trying to get started or change.

For even more advice, you can visit our sister website at HealthandSafetyToday.co.uk

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Get In Touch

It might sound like a strange combination, but through listening to small business owners and new starters on social media, forums and chat groups, two of the things that created the most headaches were how to get started with workplace safety and health, and how to get a professional looking website up and running at an affordable price, without being bamboozled by technical details and add-ons.

At LOCAL TRADE LINK, we can assist with both, plus offer friendly advice where required. So reach out via the CONTACT page and see how we can help.