About Local Trade Link. How We Can Help.

As the owner and driving force behind a start up business, existing small business or community project, your time is precious and should be focused on what you do best ~ Converting your ideas and expertise into sales. Learn about Local Trade Link and how we can help you.

When starting out you simply can’t know or do everything and shouldn’t be diverting your time and energy into areas that are unfamiliar or require completely different skill sets.

Unfortunately though, a lot of new business owners quickly get knocked off course by trying to master all the requirements and knowledge to start and run a fledgling organisation.

To an extent it’s understandable. A business owner often feels precious money can be saved by trying to master all the functions required to run the business.

However, if it stops you focusing on the reason why you set up the business in the first place and detracts you from making money, then it’s dangerous territory.

What We Offer.

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Affordable Websites

Local Trade Link offer information and services for areas that are the most confusing and time consuming to business owners, namely affordable Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Health & Safety Compliance in the Workplace and General Business support and advice.

So whether you’re looking to have your first website created, or you’re looking to change what you currently have, we will work with you to create a high quality site that reflects your brand.

Workplace Compliance

If your concern is workplace Safety and Health, then let us help you understand your obligations towards running your business and those it might affect.

Our ever expanding library of blog posts and downloadable pdf’s will keep you well informed and educated, and if there is an area or concern you simply don’t understand then please feel free to ask.

Online e-Learning, Qualifications and CPD

In conjunction with our sister website at https://healthandsafetytoday.co.uk, you can pick up free information on workplace compliance, working from home, and general home safety.

Take a look at our online e-learning and CPD approved courses. Learn something new, add value to your business, upskill your workforce. Whatever your reason, our e-learning packages from the Online College are very affordable and a convenient way to learn something new or meet your compliance goals.

See the range of courses on offer here https://localtradelink.com/e-learning-library