Beautiful Websites to Showcase Your Business Simply and Professionally From Only £249.00

Each Website Is Designed With You

And Your Business In Mind.

Here’s what you get.

Each website is built on the WordPress platform, the world’s largest and most popular web platform.

We use modern mobile friendly themes – no clunky drag and drop diy web building here. This means your website coding is fresh, lightweight, fast loading, and looks great on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices.

Why do we say from £249. What’s the catch?

There is no catch. The pricing is transparent. This price point is designed to give small and new start ventures an online presence to showcase their business and tell the world what they do.

Websites are fluid and dynamic, which means you can add pages to them as your business and services build up. But at £249 we offer a great package including:

Building the website platform onto a webhost (more about that later)

5 Pages to tell the world about you and what you do. Typically this would include pages such as Home – About -Contact – Our Services – Gallery. You can call them what you want and we will work with you to find out about your business and how best to structure the site.

Header Images for each page. These will be designed bespoke for your business. Nothing is cropped from the internet, and all will be royalty free so there’s no worry about copyright infringement.

A company logo.

Footer design. You won’t be getting a free theme that says “built with the xyz free site builder”. This is a professional theme and will have your company details and copyright.

We will work with any images of your own that you might want to place on your site.

Each page will be professionally written with information about your business that we have discussed and you want to tell the world about. Typically this will be up to 500 words per page. Much more than that and people are losing interest.

Buttons linking to your Social Media Accounts.

A written review of your business that will be listed on our business review page linking back to your website and driving free traffic.

Offer applies to informational websites only. Please enquire if your requirement is for an e-commerce site that sells products and product variants.

Website Hosting

All websites require a hosting platform.

To discover how and where we host our websites, please visit the Hosting Explanation Page


One of the features of Local Trade link is the local business review section.

This is where we find out about your business and script a great review with nice images to showcase what you offer.

The review is optimized with best practice SEO (search engine optimization) to help drive awareness of your business up the search engine rankings. Depending on how competitive your business sector is, often reviews can appear in the search engine top spots for various keywords quite quickly.

If we are building a website for you on our UK hosting partner KRYSTAL, then your review is included in the price and featured on our website free of charge for 12 months.

Reviews written and linked back to your own website cost just £75.00 including 12 months feature. If you wish to continuing featuring your review after 12-months then we will happily make any amendments you require and feature it for a further 12-months for a small charge of £30.00.

Please get in touch for a friendly chat on how to get your review up and running.