What is Professional Indemnity Insurance?

whatis professional indemnity insurance

Whether you operate as a sole trader or run a business that employs people as consultants, if you offer your services in a professional advisory capacity then it is likely you will require P.I cover. But what is professional indemnity insurance and how does it help? Professional indemnity insurance acts as a financial safeguard to … Read more

El Sapo Perezoso | Droylsden Tapas Review

Lazy Toad. El Sapo Perezoso

El Sapo Perezoso, also known locally as the Droylsden Tapas or to give its English translation ‘The Lazy Toad’ has been established in Droylsden, Manchester for over 10 years. The Droylsden Tapas. Both El Sapo Perezoso Tapas Bar and Restaurant and the Lazy Toad public house have been a feature and part of the Droylsden … Read more

Does a business always need employers liability insurance?

does a business always need employers liability insurance

Does a business always need employers liability insurance? Good question, but first as an employer it’s important to understand your legal responsibilities. Generally, having employer’s liability insurance in place is a legal requirement for any business with employees. You only need to have one other person as an employee, even if they are on a … Read more

Why Is Customer Loyalty Important?

why is customer loyalty important.

Why is customer loyalty important? Because loyal customers are what makes you different from your competitors. Loyal customers are literally the key to your success. How much time is your business spending on generating customer loyalty? If the answer is none, or very little, you’re missing out on a lot of extra business, and customer … Read more